33: "He's On The H Train To The Studio."

In this episode we talk about:

  • What animals would/wouldn't we eat, given the chance. Would we eat a person-burger?

  • We recorded while Arizona was in a state of emergency due to record setting amounts of rain. The studio was flooded. It wasn't fun.

  • News: Ray Rice fired by the Ravens for that whole argument he settled with his fist. Phoenix predicts that Rice will end up with either the Bengals or Raiders because that's where criminals go.

  • Airline doesn't allow a 600 pound woman to fly to her doctor which leads to her death. Her husband sues the airline for $6M. Joe legit falls asleep during the story. Then we talk about Tracy Morgan suing Walmart for probably half a billion monies.

  • ISIS issues isolated misused association of asinine assembled assassins. I don't know. ISIS is apparently a real thing, not just the company that Sterling Archer works for. We debate who is selling them guns. We aren't very political but pretend to be.

  • Roller coaster at Six Flags catches on fire. Allegedly.

  • Morgan Freeman lands plane after multiple malfunctions. Sounds epic right? But in reality he fucked up and then fixed it. So basically he saved his own ass.

  • Panera Bread asks politely for customers to not bring guns in their restaurants. Then we talk about the whole girl shooting a man in the face with an uzi.

  • Laws Of Life is about how boring and played-out exorcism scenes are in movies. No more of them.