32: "The Lost "Lost" Episode."

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Pollux the studio dog only moves around the second we start recording.

  • News: no news.

  • Joe wants to talk about wrestling and surprisingly everyone else does too. Except Phoenix because he hasn't watched it since 1992.

  • Does every one have a price tag?

  • Brent catches Pollux in full Australian character.

  • Versus: brutally murdering someone versus choosing how they murder you.

  • Laws Of Life is about the creepy Little League World Series.

  • We discuss Dutch Bros. Coffee and how sexy their staff can be. Joe and Michael interview for Phoenix and only one man gets hired.

  • Judge Phoenix holds court to settle whether Michael should be allowed to kill random people.

  • What would we do for the purge?

  • Ends with gross mouth noises.