34: "Mario's Foreskin Adventure."

In this episode we talked about:

  • First up is Laws Of Life about 'manly' shit. The manly man culture about beards and bacon.

  • We talk about the fashionability of 'jorts', men with earrings and cargo shorts.

  • The Chick-fil-a founder died.

  • Philadelphia is the next place to legalize marijuana. This leads to a discussion about if we smoke the drugs or not. We do not. Then we talk about Mexican foods for a while for some reason.

  • Mario got an adult circumcision. We are all amazed.

  • Jack The Ripper's identity has been revealed. Nobody gives a shit.

  • More 800 questions.

  • We all reveal the backstories on our names.

  • We finish with sex. Just like every date Brent has ever been on. Actually we mostly talk about masturbation. Just like every date Brent has actually even been on.