23: "Your Accent Is Infectious. I Keep Wanting To Do It."

In this episode some foreigners fill in for the group. We welcome Vladamir Arganov (Russia/Germany), Roy McEllroy (Scottland) and Ashleighlynn Jackson (just southern) to the show in place of Phoenix, Michael and Tressa. Mario and Kyle do their best to keep the show on tracks as normal but it proves to be a true American challenge. They discuss a cyclist being mowed down by a car, Vladamir reveals that in Russia it is 2086 or 2285, Vlad also breaks down how Russia couldn't possibly have won WW2 if they lost 40 million men, Ashleighlynn describes her simple country life which mostly revolves around pageantry, more 800 random questions. Versus segment this week is brought to you by Roy McEllroy at the behest of Michael and is about whether we would keep our current accents or switch it out for another. Another versus is would we rather live where we were raised or someone else (like Scotland). Laws Of Life this week is about the Russian turnip shortage.