22: “More People Than Ever Are Trying To Be White”

In this episode we welcome Kyle and Tressa into the fold to discuss the news, such as; a Colorado company selling marijuana with names that are suspiciously close to Hershey's candy bars, a man is caught masturbating in a library while holding a cucumber...twice, an Oregon man's life work is fulfilled because he now officially lives in a jet plane in the woods and a Florida man pretending to be a police officer pulls over a real police officer. Seriously, Florida...quit it. Just stop existing already. 

In other events, Kyle and Michael were supposed to watch Edge Of Tomorrow together but Kyle watched it without Michael already. Phoenix immediately holds a faux courtroom debate to get to the bottom of it. Then we all do a round from the 800 random questions. We answer one random question for 13 glorious, hilarious minutes. We had too much fun recording this one. Michael's versus segment consists of vacation versus staycation for the Arizona summer. Laws Of Life this week is on "manly" drinkers and how they bully people into drinking liquor straight.