24: "Do You Have Any White Blood Cells I Can Borrow?"

In this "sleepisode" Mario asks the hard questions to Phoenix, Michael and Tressa. They mysteriously vanished last week and sent some weird foreigners in their place which raises too many questions for Mario and Kyle. The trio doesn't understand why Mario needs to know. They have nothing to hide so quit asking.

As far as the topics we discussed in this episode: we all sang a lullabies because the trio finally got to the studio around 2 am and Mario and Kyle were tired. Mario presses further into why the trio was gone. Versus this week is Aladdin Vs. Lay's potato chips, Kool-Ade vs. an army of squirrels, 1980's Batman vs. Dominoes dessert pizza and cassette tapes versus tasers...Michael honestly was losing it for his versus segment. Let's not get into the reasons why.

Laws Of Life this week is about Michael's huge mitts. Seriously, his hands are huge when inside a person. Oh, don't ask about that either.