Yet another new TZ poster

I like making posters. I do them when I'm bored instead of working on that list of enemies that's ever growing. -phxwst

2017 LIW TZ Review Mystic Seer 1800x1800 copy.jpeg

Twilight Zone Review changes

Season 3 of LIW The Twilight Zone Review is already underway but I thought I'd take this chance to formally welcome co-host Frank Linkz to the show. This new poster reflects the sexy changes made to the show.

4. LIW The Twilight Zone Review with Frank 3000x3000.jpg

Name change.

The second show ever from LIW Studios was titled "The Incredible Negative Men!" It featured a number of people on the show at once and it was a lot of fun. But then, people started getting busy and LIW started getting busy and the show started to feature less and less people. Thus it became "The Phoenix West Show!" as it became a solo show. Occasionally guests would be on but mostly it was solo. Before the name officially changed, I called my first solo episode "The Incredible Negative Man!" as a nod that I was alone. Also, this was the original title of a chapter in an upcoming book of mine so it fit. But, I still changed the show to my name for some reason. I liked having a show with my name on it but it was weird. I'm not that kind of guy. I get why you'd do that with your TV show but not your random discussion podcast. So guys, fuck it. It's officially re-re-titled "The Incredible Negative Man!" and when I have a guest the title will just be changed momentarily back to "The Incredible Negative Men!" Sorry if all the changes are giving you anxiety. There's help for that. And that help is sharing this show with a friend. Listen to it together. You'll become better friends. Or even lovers. Even if that's not what you thought you were looking for. Even if you desperately don't want that. It WILL happen. Anyway, I will continue to sporatically make new episodes of the show as my schedule permits. Enjoy! - Phoenix West

Welcome to 2017.

We shot this video to serve as 3 things:

1. To say Merry Christmas for 2016.

2. LIW Studios tour.

3. To announce our 2017 plans to start releasing a video every Wednesday. 

Upcoming projects

Phoenix here. Just wanted to update everyone on what's coming up here from LIW Studios. A lot. A lot of shit. We have plans to release a video every single Wednesday of 2017. That's right, once a week. Can you deal with that? You better. In the can we have Shitty Movie Showdown! episode 4, a studio tour / Christmas greeting from LIW, and a behind the scenes video of American't 8. Those should be dropping soon. 

New posters poster. For posters.

Thought it a bit unnecessary to post each new poster so I made an image for the end of videos to advertise the rest of the line-up. Made it all color coordinated finally. I've been meaning to do that for a long time. Now each show is represented by a color. Let us know what you think - Phoenix

SMS! 3 movie revealed

We are watching Halloween III: Season Of The Witch for our Halloween episode of Shitty Movie Showdown! It's the one and only Halloween movie without Michael Myers for some reason. Enjoy this teaser trailer that tells you nothing about the actual movie.

New LIW Movie Review

It's been 11 1/2 months since the last episode. Crazy eh? This time Phoenix watched Sinister Squad. Not Suicide Squad. Don't be confused like The Asylum wants you to.

10 Show Line-up

We made new posters for some of the shows so we had to change the line-up to reflect this. Plus this poster also announces the addition of Hack From The Future, our new video show. Coming soon.

Outtakes from American't 6

We didn't want to throw away all the improvised scenes from American't 6 so instead we turned them into two outtake videos.

Shitty Movie Showdown! Trailer

The official trailer for SMS!

Shitty Movie Showdown! is simple. Comedians are forced into watching 2 bad movies, debating them and then choosing which was worse. All with the ultimate goal of finding the most painful movie of all time. (They describe the films so you don't have to watch them!) 

Brent And Miguel's Big Gay Adventure

While recording Shitty Movie Showdown! episode 1, Brent and Miguel posed for some joke photos in front of the green screen. Miguel told me not to show anyone. Naturally, I made this video. - Phoenix West

Promo for episode 1 of SMS!

This is just a funny outtake/promo video for the premier of Shitty Movie Showdown!'s first episode which goes live August 1st, 2016 on our YouTube page. Subscribe to us there so you can be alerted when new episodes drop!

New posters.

I decided to make a poster for American't with the images of American pop-culture. Then I decided to make individual posters with each image for a collection I lovingly refer to as the "Cease And Desist American't Promotion." Go to LIWstudios on Instagram and double click your favorites!  -Phoenix