Name change.

The second show ever from LIW Studios was titled "The Incredible Negative Men!" It featured a number of people on the show at once and it was a lot of fun. But then, people started getting busy and LIW started getting busy and the show started to feature less and less people. Thus it became "The Phoenix West Show!" as it became a solo show. Occasionally guests would be on but mostly it was solo. Before the name officially changed, I called my first solo episode "The Incredible Negative Man!" as a nod that I was alone. Also, this was the original title of a chapter in an upcoming book of mine so it fit. But, I still changed the show to my name for some reason. I liked having a show with my name on it but it was weird. I'm not that kind of guy. I get why you'd do that with your TV show but not your random discussion podcast. So guys, fuck it. It's officially re-re-titled "The Incredible Negative Man!" and when I have a guest the title will just be changed momentarily back to "The Incredible Negative Men!" Sorry if all the changes are giving you anxiety. There's help for that. And that help is sharing this show with a friend. Listen to it together. You'll become better friends. Or even lovers. Even if that's not what you thought you were looking for. Even if you desperately don't want that. It WILL happen. Anyway, I will continue to sporatically make new episodes of the show as my schedule permits. Enjoy! - Phoenix West