More Bad News Sports NBA with Kyle Hall episodes.

Phoenix was on Bad News Sports with Kyle Hall again for 3 more episodes on 4/14/16.

Here they discuss Kobe's final game, the Warriors hitting 73 wins and what this means for the future of the league. 

Kobe 60 / Warriors 73

Here they discuss the Western Conference Playoffs and pick who will win each matchup and in how many games. The west sure is easy to predict this year.

Western Conference Playoffs

Here they discuss the Eastern Conference Playoffs and pick who will win each matchup and in how many games. They did not agree on half of the bracket. Listen here:

Eastern Conference Playoffs

New American't shirts?

Debating making new shirts for this batshit election season. It's also a shameless marketing plug for American't 3 and 4: Red Vs. Blue. Would you buy one? Let me know by clicking the like button below or commenting. 

Front of shirt.

Front of shirt.

Back of shirt.

Back of shirt.

LIW 2016 Movie Award

Well, it's that time again. The Academy chose Spotlight as their best picture. While it was a good movie, we here at LIW did not agree (again). We had a much different opinion on the best movie of the year. This year's winner didn't have a shot in hell at winning with the Academy. It simply wouldn't look good choosing a movie like this if you want to be taken seriously. Luckily, we don't give a shit about that. We now present the LIW 2016 Movie Award to...

Book Sale

Hurry, go buy Phoenix West's digital books in our store! They're marked down to only 99 cents. That's not even a dollar. That's nothing. And YOU'RE nothing without all 4 of his books. They won't stay this price for long so buy buy buy. And then buy. Share with a friend so they buy. 

Commercials for American't 3&4 are available!

Red Vs. Blue of American't is being split into two episodes, Red and Blue. The episode is titled Red vs. Blue so figure it out. Both are based on awesome stereotypes. One is for republicans and the other for democrats. In the middle of each episode is a commercial and here they are:

LIW advertisement for American't ep 2 is cheap.

These were all over Facebook when episode 2 released. I wrote that sentence for myself when I look back at the post years later and wonder what the fuck I was thinking.

For episode 1's release I made the Star Wars title crawl for it. I got lazier this time.

- Phoenix West

American't ep 2 - Horoscopes is available!

This episode is a real treat, not just because Phoenix had to edit it three times due to technical difficulties but because it's fucking awesome. There will definitely be a part 2 for horoscopes sometime. Share with everyone so we can grow and make better ones down the road!

Horoscopes. They're bullshit. Here's why! (Plus a sex show using only zodiac symbols. It gets really weird.)

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American't - Episode 2: Horoscopes

American't Episode 1 is recorded.

I have finished recording the first episode of American't, now to begin the long, confusing process of editing and all the fun shit that goes along with that. I recorded for a full day but wasn't happy with the product so I did another day of recording and think I nailed it. I'm a goddamn perfectionist, apparently. For a man that improvises almost 100% of the material on LIW, I had some problems with performing a set on camera that I didn't have memorized. It was alright but would have been a bastard to edit so I figured I'd take my time and really memorize it and try again. It was much smoother the second go around. It should pay off with a better first episode which shall be available as soon as I teach myself how to edit and do special effects (before Christmas). 

Show line-up change.

Hello citizens! Just wanted to give you guys an update on everything. Today (12.14.15) is the recording of American't episode 1, a new video show from LIW! Unfortunately that's why we haven't been pushing out podcasts as frequently as you're used to. LIW Improv Theater used to be twice weekly, it is now on hiatus. LIW Movie Review used to be monthly, also on hiatus. The Phoenix West Show! used to be weekly, now it's just coming out when Phoenix gets time to bring in other comics and guests. Our best guess and plan is that the shows should be returning after Christmas but at a reduced pace. Most of the shows will probably go to once or twice a month but to replace them are awesome new video episodes of American't for you to slurp up.