18: “I’ll Kick The Bulge Every 12 Seconds Like A Dog”

In this episode we discover the true deciding factor of why humans hate other humans; the connected eared people hated the lobed ear people. In the news, an old man loses a hand to an airplane propeller while riding a lawn mower, a nurse falsifies the files of patients to tell them they do no have cancer, a Brazil man is opening Obama themed bar-n-grills, a pittbull attacked a child and the parents bit off the dog's ear to get him loose and lastly Frankie Muniz wants to buy the Clippers but we all think he's too poor for that nonsense. 

We also keep going forward with the 800 random internet questions before Versus which consists of: Captain America vs. Master Chief and then being a young parent vs. being an old parent. Ryan asks us who would win; Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker. Ryan is the only one that believes in Luke. Luke couldn't even beat a motorcycle let alone a seemingly immortal wizard.

Laws Of Life this time is about people looking at loudspeakers during an announcement despite it just being a disembodied voice.