17: "I've Done So Little Dying In This Life. Almost None."

This episode was almost titled, "I Want Her Virginity, I Want Her Children's Virginity..." because of the news story of a girl auctioning off her virginity online. However, without context the title was nonsense. Now you get how it doesn't make sense. News also consisted of a guy being arrested for masturbating while driving, a homeless woman giving Richard Gere pizza while he was mid-scene, a dad kicking his skateboarding child down a ramp, a scam involving homeless people and iPhones, Grand Rapids teens using Bert's Bees chapstick on their eyelids and the recent news of powdered alcohol. We also answer more of the 800 online questions from a probable rapist. Versus segment consists of us debating if we could only whisper or only shout for the rest of our sad lives. Laws Of Life is about guys with long hair.