10: “I Replaced My Addictions With Threesomes”

In this episode we discuss the pros and numerous cons of everyone owning flying cars. News this week consists of Newman from Seinfeld being angry over his death hoax, retailers being pushed to drop tobacco products, Tetris being a deterrent for tobacco and Tequila being the cure for diabetes. This last one was discovered by Mexican 'scientists'. Of course it was. Next we  rank 3 terrible bands, Creed, Nickleback and The Black Eyed Peas. Michael's VS segment consists of spending a month in the past versus the future, Brent makes up a movie trailer on the spot and we debate reading minds but being illiterate or just being literate without the mind reading nonsense. It was confusing to us too. Phoenix wraps it all up with Laws Of Life which is Fast Food Rapes America - Part 2.