Changes to our line-up.

Attention citizens: shit is happening here at LIW. Or more so...not happening. We shut down production for a bit in order to tidy everything up. With that being said: we are almost back. The changes are The Incredible Negative Men! is now going to merge with The Phoenix West Show. So now expect The Phoenix West show to be a weekly discussion. TINM! name is no more. Next change: Loitering In Wonderland will now be a monthly show. This is so the show itself can be better. We were spreading ourselves a little thin and it was starting to become a job instead of fun. But now they will be events as opposed to horrible horrible work! Next change: we introduced LIW Improv Theater and didn't follow it up with any actual episodes...well...they are coming eventually. I want to stockpile them before releasing any so be patient and they will be awesome! Last change: I am going to do the same stockpile and release with my new show The Twilight Zone Episode Review. The premise is simple: I love The Twilight Zone and I'm going to review every episode in order. This show will have no schedule and will be released whenever they are made. 

So the lineup is as follows:

  • The Phoenix West Show (weekly on Monday)
  • Loitering In Wonderland (monthly on the 1st)
  • LIW Improv Theater (weekly on Monday and Friday)
  • The Twilight Zone Episode Review (sporadic)

Thank you for being patient and sexy. 

- Phoenix West (6.4.15)