15: "El Guerrilla!"

In this episode we held an impromptu 2:30 am recording of a double batch of TINM. This is the first episode of that session. We discuss the news which consists of a salmonella outbreak due to those creepy bearded dragon pets, a man that leaves prison after 15 years only to rob a shoe store and get tossed back in prison (the reason he was there to begin with), how white people spend less time in jail for the same crime as black folks, a teacher gives one of her students a lap dance and gets wicked fired, a man from Moscow, Idaho wants to own every copy of Speed on VHS and lastly the perfect app for all you pervs is here: Pornostagram.

We also discuss random things such as Phoenix's globetrotting adventures in which he totally wasn't a prostitute, Phoenix admits he finds the word turn-buckle hilarious, Phoenix talks about the Bulls and Blackhawks both being in the playoffs at the same time. We also randomly choose questions from an online list of 800 get-to-know-(to-rape)-you list. 

Phoenix wraps up the show with Laws Of Life in which he reveals that he hates and is sick of people claiming shit to be magic. No more magic.