48: "AIDS On Legs." (Cameron Readey 1)

In this episode we welcome guest Cameron Readey, a comic from New Hampshire. Also in studio is Brent Puccio, the return of "heroin" Joe Ramirez and Nicholas Hunt. We discuss:

  • Brent and Phoenix returned to stand-up and talked about the experience.

  • Phoenix watched the Scream TV show and thought it was terrible.

  • Originals and remakes in theaters.

  • It Follows.

  • Suicide Squad. Phoenix suggest Joe be the next Joker as Joe Kerr.

  • We Skype call Cameron Readey and are terrible at introducing him. It was our first time group Skyping.

  • News: Bill Cosby's wife is sticking by her man. Phoenix says the only proof he needs of Michael Jackson's guilt is the current state of Macaulay Culkin.

  • Chefs in Seattle bake marijuana into your meals.

  • Phoenix wants to make a meth calendar to put in your children's room to scare your kids away from drugs. He also wants to make the LIW tastefully nude calendar.

  • Man in Canada pulls an Up by attaching 101 balloons to his chair to fly away.

  • Man builds drone that can fire a handgun and the government is mad about it. Phoenix misses movies where a man sits in a white van and feeds intel to the man inside.

  • Woman in Chandler AZ arrested naked by cop that came into her house.

  • Four types of drunk people according to survey. We all decide which we are.

  • Robin William's birthday is today. Brent thought this was news and not just a depressing topic.

  • Easter Island statues have bodies below the heads. Brent thinks Easter Island and Stonehenge are the same thing. We are confused.