64: "I Saw Top Gun. I Might Be Gay." Part 2 of 2 (Miguel Brambila 1)

Welcome to part 2 of a long episode. We are joined by comic Miguel Bramble to discuss: 

  • Phoenix made his top 100 movie list,

  • Phoenix declares that Indie bands are named after rom-com movie titles too often,

  • Our mutual love for Paul Thomas Anderson,

  • Phoenix and Bri recommend Orange Is The New Black to Miguel but warn that it makes prison seem like an awesome summer camp,

  • Female orgasms real/fake, pubes vs. no pubes,

  • Phoenix calls bullshit on the iPhone's Connect Four app,

  • Movies. We talk about a bunch of movies,

  • Blue Is The Warmest Color discussion,

  • Bri lost a skirt in an arm wrestling competition in a dive bar,

  • Miguel found a student's drawing reenacting sad sex,

  • NEWS is the following:

  • CNN reporter mistakes dildo covered flag for the ISIS flag,

  • Man at Walmart wants a confederate flag cake made but instead they make him an ISIS flag cake,

  • Japanese have a sexy gorilla as an exhibit which leads Phoenix to pick apart Japanese culture,

  • Glow in the dark condoms and fingernail polish drug testers,

  • Two people had sex on the Cannes red carpet,


(Update 11.9.16 - changed the episode number from 46 to 64 because the 2 part episode confused the holy hell out of me and threw off all of my show numbers by 1 so it has been re-numbered.)