37: "Some Of Me Is Gay."

Mario is back to discuss our most random topics yet. 

Phoenix and Bri saw Pete Holmes. 

The inventor of Operation is a 77 year old that can’t afford a dental operation. 

Tennessee man tries to convince a cop he’s Denzel Washington. It doesn’t work. 

Phoenix attempts to give the state of Tennessee a compliment but only after sifting through a story about a shit covered bathroom.

Brent learns how ears work when he removes his headphones and expects to not hear us spoil a movie. 

We talk about identity theft and how it’s a minor inconvenience until suddenly it’s the worst thing ever. 

Phoenix met rap super-group MMK (Money Makin’ Krew) and they insisted they would be famous soon. For real. But they might also change their name to MMKK (Money Makin’ Krew Kids). For real. 

Iraqi man is building an exact replica of The White House. For…something. 

A push to get non-US citizens to be sent to the US to get their ebola treated. 

A two person laws of life where Phoenix and Joe complain about cowboys. 

Phoenix tells a story about how terrible of a babysitter he was at 15. 

We have a serious debate about giving attitude to cops even when they are wrong.