30: "It's Like A Condom For My Hand!"

News crew attacked by ghosts. Joe believes in ghosts. Phoenix changes his Laws Of Life to ghosts to attack Joe.

We then talk bout aliens and ghosts and how the future will go.

Phoenix talks Joe into pulling his Alf dick out and Bri freaks out because she thinks he really is going to.

Swedish woman finds Ikea bag filled with human bones in a church.

Japanese dog greets customers better than American Walmart employees.

MMA fighter kills 2 home invaders like a champ.

Vat of eggnog explodes on people and Brent thinks they store it scalding hot. 

2 teens break into a house to make drug brownies. Found with 2 pounds of ‘unspecified drugs’ on them.

Brent performs slam-poetry about condoms while Phoenix performs a terrible beat for him.

More 800 random questions which leads to a long debate about what decade had the best music.