73: "It Will Die In Its Skin Coffin."

Phoenix just started recording while Frank was trying to configure his microphone so this is just a fuck-around episode. They talk about Noel and Liam Gallager from Oasis and how Liam is a piece of shit, The Walking Dead show and how terrible it can be, how the new iOS update on Phoenix's phone makes his phone just randomly start playing podcasts, Frank gives the most confusing iphone tech advice, how much it would suck to get a circumcision as an adult, Phoenix taking mis-leading courses in community college, Frank plays his first minute of podcasting ever compared to a recent one, they both break down what exactly happened during the LIW The Twilight Zone Review recording of Shadow Play, how Frank can't say the word Atlanta but instead replaces it with America and lastly how Frank was attacked by red ants and it caused him to become a naked lunatic.