57: "The Clouds Form A Giant Middle Finger..."

This is the angriest episode of The Phoenix West Show! to date. It starts off with such joy too because Phoenix is 2 1/2 hours away from finally owning Fallout 4. He talks about his disgust with breaking down to buy an X-Box One, his anger all systems only come with one controller nowadays, he bought a Ghostbusters Ecto-1A plastic model set that intimidates him to no end and probably won't ever be finished, how him and Bri spent an hour and a half watching videos of people falling down and hurting themselves, how he really hopes a man that repeatedly head butted his car window is dead, he goes to great lengths to describe how he hopes they all died, then he talks about how much he hates the woman that recorded her own drunk driving on Periscope before going into how much he hates everyone at concerts that hold their phones over their heads to record videos they won't watch of a concert they already missed despite being there. People suck.