79: "Where's All My AC/DC's?"

Yet another crossover with Way Off Topic Radio. This time Frank and I play music and discuss it. It's mostly Local H, Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn Manson and Filter.

78: “Sex Movies Are So Fucking Boring. Unless It’s A Porno ‘Cause At Least There’s A Completion At The End Of It.” Phoenix On WOTR

Part 2 of 2. Phoenix yet again goes on Way Off Topic Radio for a 3 GODDAMN HOUR LONG PODCAST ABOUT EVERYTHING. Shit gets serious and nothing gets accomplished like any good podcast goes. You've got Frank Linkz, Dan LeFebvre and Phoenix discussing troll culture. Phoenix and Dan attempt to switch the topic to movies but Frank won't let them.

77: “You Don't Have To Be A Dick About It.” Phoenix On WOTR

Part 1 of 2. Phoenix yet again goes on Way Off Topic Radio for a 3 GODDAMN HOUR LONG PODCAST ABOUT EVERYTHING. Shit gets serious and nothing gets accomplished like any good podcast goes. You've got Frank Linkz, Dan LeFebvre and Phoenix discussing troll culture. Phoenix and Dan attempt to switch the topic to movies but Frank won't let them.

75: "2018 State Of The Studio Address."

This is going out on all of our feeds from Loitering In Wonderland Studios. It's just letting you guys know what's happening with us right now and why podcasts have been delayed. If you guys are curious you can find our other shows at the following places.

73: "It Will Die In Its Skin Coffin."

Phoenix just started recording while Frank was trying to configure his microphone so this is just a fuck-around episode. They talk about Noel and Liam Gallager from Oasis and how Liam is a piece of shit, The Walking Dead show and how terrible it can be, how the new iOS update on Phoenix's phone makes his phone just randomly start playing podcasts, Frank gives the most confusing iphone tech advice, how much it would suck to get a circumcision as an adult, Phoenix taking mis-leading courses in community college, Frank plays his first minute of podcasting ever compared to a recent one, they both break down what exactly happened during the LIW The Twilight Zone Review recording of Shadow Play, how Frank can't say the word Atlanta but instead replaces it with America and lastly how Frank was attacked by red ants and it caused him to become a naked lunatic.

72: “Fuck Me with Mike Rowe” Phoenix On “Way Off Topic Radio” 3

Frank asked me to be on Way Off Topic Radio at midnight and we recorded until 3 am so my usual anger and energy wasn't there until the second half of the show. I'm pretty sure Frank was on bath salts and a gerbil named Coffee fell out of his ass which was distracting. Frank tells crazy stories about insane people he grew up with. I tell the story of sneaking away to NYC in high school which resulted in one angry New Yorker's Mercedes being covered in a bag of vomit. It was a long show filled with strange stories and lots of gross conversations.

To hear Frank's Indy Car podcast, click here: http://reddragonsradio.weebly.com/the-indy-sportscar-podcast.html

71: "Analog Clocks"

Phoenix is writing a book, 100 More Things That Will Burn In Hell which is the appropriately titled sequel to 100 Things That Will Burn In Hell. One of the topics in this upcoming book is analog clocks. He decided to record this podcast while waiting for Frank to get on Skype to start recording LIW The Twilight Zone Review. He doesn't read straight from the book but instead speaks straight from the heart. The episode is ended with a song from Astronautalis titled "The River, The Woods."

70: "Hand With An Anus. Like A Dirty Hamburger Helper." Phoenix On "Way Off Topic Radio" 2

This might be the longest episode of TINM! ever. Well, hopefully. In this episode, Phoenix joins the Way Off Topic podcast for a second time as they discuss a little bit of everything, including: an in depth look back at the American't process, Tom Hanks fucking Wilson the volleyball (hence the title of this episode, Tomi Lahren and how she looks like she just smelled shit all the time, the Nic Cage classic Trapped In Paradise, Airheads and other pointless shit as well.

69: "Homelessman Cigarette"

New format, one topic per episode. How much of the episode will Phoenix spend off-topic? Only one way to find out. In this episode, Phoenix details the story of a casual walk to the bank in summer in Phoenix, Arizona. What happened was the stuff of miracles. Or not. It's not really clear.

68: "The Incredible Negative Man! Returns!"

The title of the show has officially changed...again... Sorry about that. This title is just so much better and fitting with Phoenix's personality. In this, he talks about the title change, upcoming LIW projects including a new scripted sci-fi podcast and books, going to 98 KUPD's Battle Of The Bands and seeing a member of Goth Brooks applying make-up in the bathroom of Copper Blues, going to a man's house for an obscene amount of Christmas lights, the differences between serial killers and murderes and finally how weird Carrie Fisher's death must be for all the nerds that masturbated to her as teenagers. Phoenix then reveals weird feelings from childhood about being attracted to Natalie Portman in Leon: The Professional and then watching the movie as an adult. It gets weird. But not illegal because it's all a bit. Seriously.

Check out that Goth Brooks song played on the show here: Let them know we sent you!


67: "That's Not How You Spell Sci-Fi." Phoenix On "Way Off Topic Radio" 1

I was on the "Way Off Topic Podcast." It was a fun, long talk about a ton of shit. We talked Twilight Zone, Pink Floyd, The Walking Dead, some racing even though I know nothing about it. There was more but it's all a blur now. This is the whole show but check out Way Off Topic for more of their episodes:


66: "#NoMoreOrange"

This is a weird one. This is technically an episode of American't. I recorded it intending to be a passionate video show about my distaste for Donald Trump but what came out was a sprawling bland video show where I didn't move or look interested. Time to try it again. In the meantime, I didn't want to simply throw this episode away so I decided to post it here instead. Enjoy! - Phoenix West

65: "Entrepreneur Of A Homeless Enterprise."

This is the religious episode. I got three religious pieces of propaganda pinned to my car window, three days in a row a while back and I'm mad. So, I decided to read them to you and comment on them. One card is the confusing rants of a lunatic homelessman. The other is a fucking novel so I didn't touch it and the third was an amusing anecdote that totally 100% never happened. Also, I probably said 'fuck' more in this episode than any other episode. I apologize if it's not funny but it really pissed me off.

63: "Why Do We Hate Ourselves?"

Topics of discussion for episode 63 are: recording American't 6 & 7, why do companies still show VHS tapes for training classes?, Colin Kaepernick hysteria, how stupid American pride is, Phoenix did stand-up in a dark hookah lounge, Radio Shack is still around?, election 2016, being banned from Facebook because of American't 7 and how it was similar to being banned from YouTube because of this very show.

62: "The Chicago Cubs Won The World Series Last Night!"

In this unscheduled, unrehearsed and unscripted episode....well, they're all unrehearsed and unscripted but this one didn't even have bullet point notes....Phoenix talks about how the Cubs won the World Series the night before. He talks about his mixed emotions on the Cubs throughout his life and goes over his favorite teams. The episode isn't as boring as this description is. I promise.

61: "I Don't Speak Scorpionese. I'm Not From Scorpiovania."

In this episode, Phoenix talks about his 32nd birthday celebration which started with a Millencolin concert, continued with staying 3 or 4 days in a bug infested cabin in the woods/desert and ended with a Local H concert in which he bought a racist shirt. He also quickly talks about Captain America Civil War, kinda. Then tells a story about almost getting in a redneck fight at a bar recently. He wraps up with Shitty Movie Showdown! information.

Watch American't and share with your friends and optometrist.