65. Space Movies

Space...the boring frontier. These are the rantings of a star movie hating lunatic. Or they're okay. Either way.

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60. Spandex Skin

Like a mobile Chuck-E-Cheese ball pit. If you're trying to replicate the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man you're doing a swell job. www.LIWstudios.com Youtube.com/LoiteringInWonderland Loiteringinwonderland@gmail.com Patreon.com/LoiteringInWonderlandStudios

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53. 'God Damn' The Offended

This episode started off as a rant about not being able to say the phrase 'god dammit' but ended up being a rageful rant about my goddamn phone and its nonstop goddamn ringing and beeping while I was trying to record. What you are about to watch is real. The people in it are real. The names have not been changed to protect the goddamn innocent.

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