100 - Blogs & Vlogs

This was written in response to episode 99 as a means to say that who gives a shit what I have to say anyway? I'm just some asshole on the internet without a valid opinion. Yay, America!

99 - Sacred Be Americana

I don't hate America. Don't be stupid. I hate you taking the flag and song as sacred items that ARE America. The places. The people. The things we strive for. That's America. Sacred Be Americana is sarcasm. I hate that I have to write this because idiots online can't use common sense.

98 - Ghosts

You're an adult. Grow the fuck up. Scooby Don't isn't coming to save you. Common sense is.

96 - Dead-Ends

Expose yourself to me quicker. Stop hiding or I'll change your roads forever.

94 - The Nap

I took a nap seven years ago and I'm still feasting on brains. Black-tar brains.

92 - Parental Phrases

This episode offers solid advice that LIW Studios cannot be held responsible for if you consider of follow through with. Obviously. Don't be a fucking idiot. But you already are because you had kids you don't want.

89 - Fantasy

Imagine a world where you could get your characters out of any situation by the mere flick of your wrist and pen. Welcome to the world of fantasy.

86. Sexual Rap Songs

We're no longer "let's get it on"-ing. Now we're "suck this till all the cream is gone"-ing. Do you like sex? Aren't you special? Better start writing songs about that unique pastime of yours.

84 - Emo Scene

Don't kill yourself over this episode. Seriously. If you do, keep me out of the note. But don't even do it. The suicide part. DO the keepign me out of the note part. But not suicide yourself. Is the message getting lost here? Just remember to do and do not things in this description. You'll figure out the order later.

83 - Most Jackets

I know. I don't know how I can complain about this topic either but I forced a way. I mean found. I found a way to force it. Wait... Shit. Fuck it and fuck jackets.