8: Dark Angel (1990) vs. I Come In Peace (1990)

Things are different this time. Brent watched the 1990 film 'Dark Angel' starring Dolph Lundgren in which an alien comes to America to forcibly deal narcotics. Dolph also attempts to find love with the city's coroner. One problem...she's his ex...

Phoenix also watched a movie called "I Come In Peace" from 1990 in which Dolph Lundgren partners up with the guy from Dream On to stop an alien from out space that is bent on giving citizens overdoses of heroin. Dolph also must find a way to break off every plan he makes with his on-again-off-again girlfriend, the coroner of Houston.

Which movie is shittier? Will the winner be worse than reigning champion The Star Wars Holiday Special? Does it even matter? Who is actually making these guys watch these movies? Also, what's in the fucking box?