5: Rise Of The Black Bat (2012)

What's that one movie about a vigilante? 
No, the one where the guy is blinded and then decides to fight crime. 
No, the one where he shoots people instead of arresting them. 
Oh, Punisher! 
No, he's a lawyer or a district attorney or something... 
You're clearly talking about Daredevil. 
No! He wears a black rubber mask and all black suit and fights from the shadows.
Okay, now you're definitely talking about Batman.
That sounds close...Bat... He wears black.
Oh, you mean Black Bat! The shittiest superhero ever. The one based on three different superheroes done in the shittiest way ever!

That's right, we forced Phoenix and Brent into watching Rise Of The Black Bat from 2012. It's a low budget movie about a made up superhero that totally isn't Batman, Daredevil or Punisher. It's something...new.