24: Part 2 - Ghost Warrior (1984)

Look out for Todd, the scientist in charge of ass-staring. In part 2 of SMS! 24, Phoenix West and Jansen Carlin discuss the 1984 sleeping pill, Ghost Warrior. A movie not about a ghost or a warrior but instead a deep-frozen samurai walking around modern Los Angeles with the pace of a Parade Of Homes. They discuss the science behind being frozen, the movie's misleading poster, the female narrator that sounds like she graduated from DeVry, how to identify an automobile using only a rock, the mystery of the missing ass and the true purpose of the 'increase' knob during surgery. All of this before choosing which movie was shittiest. Will it be shittier than whatever the reigning champion is? Does it matter? Either way, check out part 1 before watching this. Or not, it probably won't matter.