18: Nic Cage Cast 8 - USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage (2016)

Nic Cage Cast has merged with Shitty Movie Showdown! This is the last episode shot before the merger. It was edited afterward.

Phoenix picked this movie because of the insanely stupid looking poster it had. The one where everyone looked confused as to why they were in a movie. Some even surprised to find out they made the movie already. The poster, however, was not an indication of this Mario Van Peebles movie which turned out to be fairly decent. The only thing Phoenix knew about the USS Indianpolis historically was that it carried the nukes that took out Japan. Yep. That is all over with less than an hour into the 2 hour 10 minute long movie. The rest of the film is...something incredibly unepected. Watch out for sharks. Or just leave your feet dangling in the water. It's your preference.

Music by Bensound.com Song used: Straight