11: Nic Cage Cast 1 - The Trust (2016)

Nic Cage Cast has merged with B-Movie Battle! Original airdate 6.16.16

Welcome to the first episode of Nic Cage Cast. Now, let's be clear. Phoenix is NOT reviewing the movies but instead reviewing Nic Cage's performance in the movies. Also, this is a video show. This podcast is the audio track only so for the full experience click here: Loitering In Wonderland YouTube page.

In this episode, Phoenix West watched the newest Nic Cage movie. 2016's The Trust, starring Nic Cage and Elijah Wood. Plus Jerry Lewis for some reason. Phoenix will explain exactly what kind of Nic Cage movie this is based on 3 options: 1. Rage Cage, 2. Quirk Cage, 3. Quiet Cage. This show contains spoilers.