55: Puppet Master 7: Retro Puppet Master (1999) (MIW7)

UPDATE - Originally this was Midnight In Wonderland video episode. When that show merged with LIW it became LIW episode 55. (Originally aired 8.24.14)

In this installment, you know what? Fuck it. In the 7th movie they rewrote their own history more times than a drunk grandpa making up war stories. This one made absolutely no sense, from the opening in 1944 to a random event leading to a flashback to 1892 that involves first draft versions of the puppets we know and love, bad guys from first century Egypt that look like the strangers from Dark City but sound like Darth Vader, to a completely foreign cast that couldn't speak in any accent or act at all. Holy shit. I'm so exhausted from writing that sentence that I think I'll start over. In this installment we watched Puppet Master 7 and it was 7 times worse than the first one. I've done the math and it's true. Want proof? Watch it.