32: House Party: Tonight's The Night (2013) (Joe)

We watched House Party 5 and we learned a lot about how to throw a raging house party in which only one actual misfortune happens. For the first time in LIW history we had to re-do an episode. We recorded 45 minutes of material that mysteriously vanished so we had to restart. It pissed us off but we managed. We also have a new phrase to use on the show: toilet porn. This movie was apparently a comedy. It was rated R but it felt more like a D-Com with a thousand person more 'fucks'. Also, if you have Kid and Play on the front cover, don't just have them in a post-credit sequence. This movie also reversed the races and it was confusing. But interestingly enough if you reversed the genders in this movie, there is a brutal rape scene on a dance floor. Oh, plus we all developed a crush on Tristin Mays.