73: Face/Off (1997) Redux

This review is too long for you. Just go ahead and turn away now. If you're into Nic Cage or this amazing and severly flawed movie then welcome. Wait, I already told you to leave. Fuck. Wrong order. Anyway, this is the first official video episode of Loitering In Wonderland Movie Review. Face/Off was the first podcast for LIW back in 2013 and then Phoenix got a dog and named him Pollux Troy. Well, he just had to put the dog down so he thought the first video episode should be Face/Off as well. So he's back for a second swing at this insane plot that completely makes sense. It. Just. Does. Search LIW Movie Review on itunes to hear the first 72 episodes. The companion piece of this review is under B-Movie Battle! episode 26.