7: Contrapasso (105)

This might be the best episode of LIW Westworld Review ever. Not just yet but for the foreseeable future too. Phoenix West recorded this at 1 AM, just hours before the 2016 presidential election started. He was drunk. He didn't feel drunk but he sure rambled like he was drunk. Not in an incoherent way but in an awesome way. Anyway, he talks about the wild west town, touches more on William being Man In Black (that's why they milk him wearing a white hat in his introduction), the large black cock of the waiter, Thandie Newton's body, that large black cock on the waiter, the lab assistant and how he will never accomplish anything in life, the weird shot of Dolores' on the train where William and Lawrence disappear and then he briefly touches on the large black cock on the waiter. This episode is just the biggest black cock you've ever heard.