9: Bad Award Acceptance Speeches

Tired of the predictable Oscar speeches year after year? Well, this year let LIW give you improvised award speeches for made up movies starring made up actors in made up roles. Best bestiality scene? We got the speech for it. Most awkward sex scene? You bet we have it and you bet it was starring a brother and sister acting duo. Hollywood could learn a thing or two about speeches from watching this episode of American't.

List of awards presented: Best Bestiality Scene Best Caterer Best Musicial Solo in a non-musical film Best Original Score Best Original Screenplay Best Performance In A Documentary Best Product Placement Best Rap Battle Best Sex Scene Best Voice Acting Biggest Asshole On Set Longest Onscreen Erection Most Alcoholic Actor Most Awkard Sex Scene Saddest World War 2 Soundtrack Ugliest Cry Face Worst Boom Mic Operator Worst Use Of Special Effects

P.S. - Sorry for Special Ed. Seriously.