6: Customer Service

In this episode, you will learn the value of providing excellent customer service to your shitty customers. Congratulations on working for LIW. You will watch this lost 1986 training video on customer service from Loitering In Wonderland and you will learn from it. You will witness examples of both good and bad customer service. See if you can tell the difference. DING EXTRAPICKLES HONK IWOULDLIKETORETURNTHISITEM GOFUCKYOURSELF DING ISYOURMANAGERHERE? THEYAREONTOYOU PICKLES THECUSTOMERISALWAYSRIGHT KILLTHEMALL DING DING DING HONK SLAUGHTERTHECUSTOMER HONK DING DING DINGSALANOIEPAOIRANLAKRAOIDK.ZX.ASOBOPIWRAOIAL2I2022$##%NSIOIWOIEE*