115: Cavender Is Coming (TZ 336)


114: I Sing The Body Electric (TZ 335)

Ray Bradbury wrote down 3 plot points on a bar napkin and sued Rod into filming it. What we got was an episode void of any plot or character development. Robotma will enter the heart of the children. Right through the chest.

112: 40 TZ Ads With Commentary (Patreon Exclusive)

In this Patreon only exclusive episode, Phoenix listens to all 40 of the LIW TZ ads he's recorded and does commentary after each one. It's exactly what it sounds like. Thank you for being heroes and helping us out here at LIW The Twilight Zone Review.

111: The Dummy (TZ 333)

What could be scarier than a 2.5 foot piece of hollow wood that has no actual strength or brain? Mental illness of course. And alcoholism. But apparently those are things you can just give up in a day to retain your fancy agent.

110: The Gift (TZ 332)

Presenting our first Patreon only episode. And for that you're welcome and we're sorry. We just couldn't bring the enthusiasm for this episode. It's terrible and didn't deserve the respect of trying to break it down. But the upside: only Patreon members can access this episode! That means no annoying links down below!

109: The Trade-Ins (TZ 331)

Well this episode didn't turn out the way we hoped. Perhaps we need to start over with a new podcast body. Too bad we don't have the money raised to do that. Maybe we'll show up at our local gangster's house and play piss-poor poker to win some cash.

108: Hocus-Pocus And Frisby (TZ 330)

Listen as a crazy old man tells crazy old stories in his wooden store filled with various sandwich condiments. Then he goes to the gaylien spaceship for a probing adventure.

107: Four O'Clock (TZ 329)

This podcast description is a communist. The person reading this description is an evil person. Anyone who listens to this podcast will have their ears shrink down to 2 centimeters while their earbuds are in there. It'll be a fucking mess. Speaking of fucking messes, we watched this... 'comedy' episode of TZ and hated every second. NUT!!!

106: I Shot An Arrow Into The Air Redux (TZ 115)

Water. Delicious, delicious water will make you into a crazed lunatic that somehow passed the mental examinations to become an astronaut. Water is just that good. Our second pass through of I Shot An Arrow... was mostly focused on why the astronauts have guns and cantines and how they only way the plot makes sense is amnesia.

105: The Little People (TZ 328)

I can't believe how insensitive people were about midgets back in the 60's. This episode is wall-to-wall midget jokes. Even the title itself is a cruel joke. A man becomes a god and goes insane with laughter before being killed by irony. It was an episode. That's about all we can say about it.

104: Person Or Persons Unknown (TZ 327)

We're finally here. The episode that sparked the idea for doing a podcast review of The Twilight Zone. All because of one glorious moment in this episode. Listen to find out what it is. Are we doing a teaser? For some reason we are.

103: The Simi Valley Acorn Is Still Written In The Twilight Zone

Time to visit this podcasts favorite newspaper: The Simi Valley Acorn which is still being written and distributed inside The Twilight Zone. This place must be a magical mess. Today Phoenix tackles a creepy photographer, an article about people staring at chalk, an officer that cheated on his timecard and then discusses the best pro sport there is: pickleballing. What is pickleballing? You'll have to listen to find out. Spoiler: we don't find out.

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 12.20.00 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 12.24.13 PM.jpg

102: Little Girl Lost (TZ 326)

Kids are always falling out of bed, rolling under the bed and then doing rolls into the wall into the fourth dimension. Phoenix and Frank discuss the drunken wreck that is the wife and the abusive prick that is the dad. Plus, we all need a friend like Bill.

100: The Fugitive (TZ 325)

NAMBLA endorses this episode of The Twilight Zone. Watch this episode and then scrub yourself afterward because you will feel sick. Just listen to this episode and count how many times the word 'pedophile' comes up.

99: To Serve Man (TZ 324)

Considered one of the best TZ episodes for some reason. It's a good episode with a ton of flaws. Mainly being if your overall goal is to come to earth to trick people into willingly coming back to your home planet so that you can eat them there... why the holy fuck bring the goddamn cook book to earth at all? You especially wouldn't just leave it behind after a meeting for the people to find and possibly translate. These are supposed to be superior creatures.

98: The Last Rites Of Jeff Myrtlebank (TZ 323)

Welcome to the mid-west where everyone has southern accents and say southern sayings and live in the south but is still the mid-west for some reason. A totally mid-western man awakens in his coffin at his funeral but don't you dare sue his doctor for malpractice. Watch as this zombie pedophile threatens people with horrific plagues before escorting his underage bride-to-be through the gates of hell.

97: One For The Angels Redux (TZ 102)

Another redux episode so Frank can chime in to talk about this selfish pedophile's battle against Death who apparenly has a quota like a ticket giving motorcycle cop. Why does Death carry cash? Why does he need so many ties? How do you grab a toy robot by mistake when you were trying to grab a tie? Why would birds carry silk across the ocean to make ties? So many tie related questions. Lou? Lou. Lou! Lou... Lou, can you hear me, Lou?

96: A Piano In the House (TZ 322)

Songs that make reveal your true inner self. Who needs a lie detector test when they can just bring in a player piano into the courtroom and get people truly talking? Best 'rich guy' villain so far in the TZ. We are back with our sound mixer and Frank's slurring makes a furious comeback. Witness the hot mess.