149: The New Exhibit (TZ 413)

One of us hated this episode. The other loved it. Either way we want wax sex dolls to keep in the basement and scare our wives. This episode is sponsored by Hampton Inn.

148: I Dream Of Genie (TZ 412)

I dream of Eugene. He’s the guy down by the docks that will do anything for a dollar. You don’t get three wishes with Eugene. You get whatever you can afford. He’s like the McDonald’s dollar menu of male dock prostitutes. Anyway, try to enjoy this episode.

147: The Parallel (TZ 411)

Imagine returning to earth to find a terrible parallel universe where you now have a fence, got a promotion and don’t have to witness the president getting his head blown off. The horrors!!!

146: No Time Like The Past (TZ 410)

First episode with the new recording style. Is it better? Anyway, this guy really didn't seem to try that hard in his Hitler killing mission. Worst time traveler ever? Yes.

145: Printer's Devil (TZ 409)

This EXACT same thing happened to me a few years back. When life gives you the devil, make devilade. Best Burgess Meredith role of his life.

144: Miniature (TZ 408)

Watch in wonder as an autistic man wanders through a 40 year relationship with his mother. A man with a sexual attraction to wooden miniatures. This man is all kinds of fucked.

142: Death Ship WOTR (TZ 406)

In this first mix of Way Off Topic Radio and LIW The Twilight Zone Review we discuss Tool, some TZ episode named Death Ship and receipt checkers at Walmart. It’s barely about the episode but it doesn’t matter because they’re dead all along.

141: Death Ship (TZ406)

This episode is very serious and should be taken as such. 3 men living on a spaceship together. All stuck and sweaty…. yes. We approve.

140: Twilight Zone 2019 Season 1 Recap

In this episode we break down all 10 episodes of the 2019 version of The Twilight Zone. Each episode is touched on in bitter debate. A season that has 2 good episodes, 2 decent ones and the rest are garbage. This new show is dubbed The Twitter Zone. Speaking of, tweet your episode rankings to us @liwthetzreview

139: Blurryman (TZ2019 110)

Cartoon creators and meta Wes Craven plots galore! Is the entirety of season 1 an excuse to get to a season 2 where they can actually do quality episodes? We shall find out.

138: The Blue Scorpion (TZ2019 109)

Gun control done right. Right meaning it’s hidden in the sci-fi plot and not “HEY DON’T OWN GUNS BECAUSE YOU ARE A MONSTER. They actually stick with the plot for the whole episode for once. Yay! Enjoy.

137: Point Of Origin (TZ2019 108)

Message: The Twitter Feed Zone. Enjoy your message and they might throw in a plot or something. Either way you’ll be disappointed and want more. Cancel your CBS All Access while you can! It is the only enjoyment you will get.

136: Mute (TZ 405)

This was one of the most fun episodes to record because this episode is garbage so we just decided to fuck around and make up lies about the father in this episode. We bring up many questions about telepathy and spousal abuse. Plus a terrible teacher that makes many assumptions about the Mute girl who totally isn’t retarted or deaf or anything.

135: Not All Men (TZ2019 107)

Just disappointing. I don’t even want to type much here because I go insane in this episode and I’ll let it speak for itself. #notallpodcasts

134: Six Degrees Of Freedom (TZ2019 106)

For the record, make your characters gay or straight or even neck-bearders. Just don't do it so you can pat yourself on the back that you're so progressive. If it doesn't factor into the story then who gives a shit? Space: The Final Frontier? Get ready for epic adventures of eating broccoli and steam room Titanic sex. And there's artificial intelligence but don't worry because it doesn't matter. Everything you see doesn't matter or pay off so enjoy this episode.

133: The Wunderkind (TZ2019 105)

Well, I hated an episode already. I was really hoping I wouldn't have to say that but here we are. Turns out an 11 year old president is bad for the country and bad for television. In this ABC Family movie of the week, an 11 year old asshole becomes president for some reason. John Cho is to blame. The lesson? Don't elect 11 year olds as president? Did we really need to learn that lesson?

132: A Traveler (TZ2019 104)

Get ready for the pie storyline you've been waiting for. Skip Endgame and watch this epic pie adventure instead! An adventure so important that even bad acting, Russian red-herrings, alien invasions and sex cult parties can't stop a drunk from getting his goddamn promised pie.

131: Replay (TZ2019 103)

Sci-fi plot MESSAGE. If you are hurting from being beaten over the head with the message in this story please seek medical attention. The CBS medical staff is now open for new patients. We are joined again by Brainy Beaver to discuss this message. I mean episode. No, I meant message.

130: Nightmare At 30,000 Feet (TZ2019 102)

Ready for the third round of having nightmares on an airplane? This time the airplanes comes with an extra 10,000 feet and the only price you pay is for the price of CBS All Access. Is it worth it? We are joined by Brainy Beaver for this episode so we get the opinion of someone that isn't as Twilight Zone obsessed as we are.