Uncut And Unedited Improv Footage From American't 9

For our recording session of American't 9: Bad Award Acceptance Speeches, we did improv for an hour straight. We then carved that down to the final episode but lost a lot of good stuff in the process. We like to use every part of the skinned cat here at LIW Studios. That's how that phrase goes right? There's more than one way to eat a buffalo. Anyway, this is the uncut and unedited result of that process. And as always, sorry for Special Ed.

Making Of American't 8

Phoenix gives this epic behind the scenes of American't 8: White Privilege Poker that features no shots recorded during the actual making of American't 8. All of it is recorded a couple months afterward while the mini casino set was still hanging around LIW Studios, taking up much needed space. If you watch the previous LIW+ episode, the LIW Studios Tour For Christmas 2016, it is still there. That's because this behind the scenes episode was shot immediately after that. Anyway, American't 8 was a strange episode that took a lot of weird, pointless work and Phoenix didn't want to tear down the set without first explaining the process. Enjoy.

LIW Studios Tour For Christmas 2016

News! 2017 will bring a video every single Wednesday from Loitering In Wonderland Studios. This video serves as the announcement of that and also the first video of said one video every Wednesday. In this one, Phoenix West and Brent Puccio go over recent events at LIW Studios, give a Christmas greeting and then go over upcoming stuff. We meant to tease 2 new shows but didn't. That will have to wait for a later date, apparently. 

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Brent And Miguel's Big Gay Adventure

While recording Shitty Movie Showdown! episode 1, Brent and Miguel posed for some joke photos in front of the green screen. Miguel told me not to show anyone. Naturally, I made this video. - Phoenix West

Phoenix West Unboxes The GoPro Hero4 Silver

Is this what it takes to get views? Unboxing shit? Whatever. Phoenix West needed a GoPro for the upcoming show Shitty Movie Showdown! so he bought and unopened a GoPro Hero4 Silver. I think that's the whole title of the camera. Spoiler alert: the box contained a camera and some random accessories. That was it. There weren't any surprises other than how sexy one of the pieces was. 

This videos says SMS!+ because the original plan was to do a behind the scenes of SMS! but now it's all under the same umbrella of LIW+ which is the behind the scenes of all of our shows.


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Phoenix West: Worst Commentator For Hire - WWE SmackDown

To celebrate my YouTube ban being up, I recorded a 25 minute WWE Battle Royal commentary track. I haven't watched any wrestling since 1991 so of course my commentary is spot on.....

Who will win? Elderly Leprechaun? The Red Hot Chili Peppers? Ice T looking guy? Quentin Tarantino as a vampire from From Dusk Till Dawn with a large stick up his ass.

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