122: The Walking Dead - 816 - Wrath

They did a crazy experiment in this episode and it paid off! They let a group of high school film students make the final battle scene in this epic conclusion to the all out war storyline. They could only afford to film on a hill containing a single tree. The production went well but they lost half of the footage they shot in a fire but managed to edit together one hell of an episode!

www.LIWstudios.com youtube.com/loiteringinwonderland loiteringinwonderland@gmail.com

121: The Walking Dead - 815 - Worth

I AM STILL SIMON!!! Today we mourn the loss of the only character that made this season watchable. Not that Negan wasn't awesome but Simon was the true shining star of this season. It will never be the same. Phoenix flies away like a kite in the wind away from this show.

LIWstudios.com youtube.com/loiteringinwonderland loiteringinwonderland@gmail.com

120: The Walking Dead - 814 - Still Gotta Mean Something

Feel free to kill Morgan off instead of shipping him off to your other series. Nobody would be sad about his gruesome demise. Feels like we're getting a collection of characters that the show doesn't quite know what to do with. It's like a game of gin rummy with no battle plan for victory. This was a good episode though. Rick kills people to service his eventual turn at the end of the season. That is the only reason he does it. www.LIWstudios.com youtube.com/loiteringinwonderland loiteringinwonderland@gmail.com

119: The Walking Dead - 813 - Do Not Lead Us Astray

The battle of the audience's patience begins! Watch as Simon's battle tactic of staying quiet is quickly ruined by his own loud whistling. Maggie mumbles out dialogue. Tara is a human emotion mirror. Good episode though. Except for Morgan. Phoenix also coins the term "zorgy" in this one. Yes, it does stand for zombie orgy. Yes, it is as sexy as it sounds. www.LIWstudios.com youtube.com/loiteringinwonderland loiteringinwonderland@gmail.com

118: The Walking Dead - 812 - The Key

I AM SIMON!!! "Greg, The viewers are staring to complain that they haven't seen Rick and Negan fighting face-to-face enough. I know the script is already written for this upcoming episode but can you find a way to shoehorn a scene with them fighting? We don't care how sloppy and stupid it looks. Oh, and can we get some zany, van driving lesbians thrown in for no reason? We have a bet here at the corporate office that we can throw literally anything into The Walking Dead and people will still watch it. - AMC Executives" www.LIWstudios.com youtube.com/loiteringinwonderland loiteringinwonderland@gmail.com

117: The Walking Dead - 811 - Dead Or Alive Or

This review started off normal before it became a rage-filled rant against AMC. I seriously didn't expect it to be that way but once I started discussing a scene in this WD episode it made me realize how shitty AMC is handling this show. AMC, fuck yourselves. www.LIWstudios.com youtube.com/loiteringinwonderland loiteringinwonderland@gmail.com

116: The Walking Dead - 810 - The Lost And The Plunderers

I forgot this show existed. Seriously. Nobody talks about The Walking Dead anymore. AMC has earned that reaction. Today's episode is about... people being dicks to each other just like every other episode. Aaron hides behind a tree and we leave him there. Rick yells at Negan like an angry teenage boy finally telling off his father. Simon steals the show yet again.

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2018 State Of The Studio Address

This is going out on all of our feeds from Loitering In Wonderland Studios. It's just letting you guys know what's happening with us right now and why podcasts have been delayed. If you guys are curious you can find our other shows at the following places. www.LIWstudios.com youtube.com/LoiteringInWonderland loiteringinwonderland@gmail.com

115: The Walking Dead - 809 - Honor

Come one, come all to witness the spectacle of Little Ricky's death parade through a sewer, a burning town and eventually a dirty floor! Witness as Rick, with red eye make-up applied digs holes with his second wife! Witness as Daryl has the briefest of human contact before retreating into his turtle shell of isolation. Witness it all...with Honor! www.LIWstudios.com www.youtube.com/LoiteringInWonderland LoiteringInWonderland@gmail.com

114: The Walking Dead - 808 - How It's Gotta Be

This is a good example of pacing. However it's a little too late for it. We all knew this episode would be like this. It's the previous episodes that were shitty that made it not matter. Anway, here's another podcast of Phoenix bitching about TWD. www.LIWstudios.com www.youtube.com/LoiteringInWonderland loiteringinwonderland@gmail.com

113: The Walking Dead - 807 - Time For After

I'm back. For some reason. Maybe I hate myself and want you to join in on my self-torture? Honestly, this show was semi-cancelled until I finally got a view at the weekly downloads. You're a quiet group of listeners so I had no idea people actually listened. I'm a vocal listener/watcher so obviously I went off in this podcast about this terrible episode of The Walking Dead. I'm way behind this season but I'm going to catch up. Ready for more Eugene? I know he's my favorite main character. www.LIWstudios.com www.youtube.com/LoiteringInWonderland loiteringinwonderland@gmail.com

112: The Walking Dead - 806 - The King, The Widow And Rick

If you thought the montage episodes of this season were through, you were sadly mistaken. Listen as The Mic, The Rage And The Phoenix reviews this shitty episode of The Walking Dead. The only thing that happened in this episode was some guy was killed with a rocket launcher. Some guy we didn't know beforehand. Some guy. Fuck, can't wait for this to be over with. www.LIWstudios.com

111: The Walking Dead - 805 - The Big Scary U

This episode was really goddamn good and it almost hurts Phoenix to describe it. Positivity is a poison. Hate is the cure. Anyway, we finally get more out of Negan, Daryl and Father Gabriel. All of Phoenix's wishes were answered and it's suspicious... someone is listening to this show.... someone at AMC.... www.LIWstudios.com

106: The Walking Dead - 804 - Some Guy

Mutant zombies are stupid. Now that that's out of the way, this episode wasn't bad. It had some really good stuff in it. I mean it. Seeing Ezekiel drop the act was fascinating. The actor killed it. Not an amazing episode but they finally did what I've been requesting for a long time: they had emotional scenes with a character that actually resulted in me feeling differently about the character. Seriously, awesome job. Now do that with Daryl so I actually give a shit if he lives or dies. www.LIWstudios.com

105: The Walking Dead - 803 - Monsters

Write something for Daryl please. He's just turned into a sweaty, hairy guy that grunts out one line per episode now. Seriously, you could kill his character off right now and I wouldn't even care. I want to care. I want to like Daryl but having him kill two people without a care in the world just makes me think he actually should be dead. He's a... monster. www.LIWstudios.com

104: The Walking Dead - 802 - The Damned

Two episodes into season 8 and we already have an episode that is completely pointless. Seriously, nothing in this episode matters. If you went straight from 801 to 803, it would be the same. Anyway, welcome Morales back to the show. I know you all missed him so much. Remember...he's the guy that fled with his family at the tail end of season 1. Well, he's back so deal with it. www.LIWstudios.com

103: The Walking Dead - 801 - Mercy

For the first time in years, the opening episode of the season has me excited for the season to come. The pacing is much better. The story structure is insanely better. Rick's haircut is much worse though. But I'll live with that fact. Anyway, is it all a dream? Better not be. www.LIWstudios.com www.youtube.com/LoiteringInWonderland

101: Fear The Walking Dead - 316 - Sleigh Ride

You can go ahead and kill Madison if you want. Seriously. This isn't reverse psychology. Do it. Anyway, shit happens in this episode and Aerosmith fights the Clark family. Madison has pointless visions about a zombie Christmas dinner. For some reason. It doesn't matter. AMC, you can kill her if you want.

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100: Fear The Walking Dead - 315 - Things Bad Begun

Our main chacters get 30 seconds of peace before being attacked by a new group of assholes. They really squeezed 4 episodes of story into the last two episodes but I'd rather have that than the way The Walking Dead makes 2 episodes worth of story last half a season. Anyway, Madison ups her bad decision making skills with a random murder and I can't follow the Victor nonsense anymore.

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