165: Fear The Walking Dead - Passage Webisodes (2016)

Another web series title I didn’t expect to be so literal. This one is interesting at least and I wanted to keep following the characters. Maybe all of the web series characters will meet up for their own show. Wait, is that the 2020 spinoff??

163: The Walking Dead - The Oath Webisodes (2013)

For this web series we finally get to see the backstory of… the hospital wing that Rick is in. But we don’t see Rick and we don’t care. Characters make terrible choices and the whole thing is basically a situational comedy without the laughs. This couple has bad timing. When will they ever learn?? Hahaha.

162: Fear The Walking Dead - 502 - The Hurt That Will Happen

This episode title is very misleading. Instead of an action packed, chaotic episode we are treated to our characters wandering around looking for… something. Then they find something and/or someone and more something happens. Are the kids dead? I’m not sure. Oh, Daniel is alive obviously. But it barely comes up so don’t worry.

161: The Walking Dead - Cold Storage Webisodes (2012)

By using microphones we are allowed to hear the episode. Amazing revelation by the filmmakers. Anyway, this web series is much better than Torn Apart. It has everything you want in it, zombies, pinball, porno, grown men named BJ, legitimate actors and mentions of animal pornography. EVERYTHING.

160: The Walking Dead - Torn Apart Webisodes (2011)

My first experience with webisodes was a a miserable one. I can’t decide what is worse, AMC’s streaming service or the audio in this webseries. Anyway, I watched Torn Apart Webisodes from 2011 and the AMC website ruined it on episode 1. Thank you AMC website. You’re a beautiful whore.

159: Fear The Walking Dead - 501 - Here To Help

Well this show hates optimism and I couldn’t agree more. Just when you thought our characters were going to be zombie apocalypse superheroes going by the title, nothing works out. Max Headroom is the new villain of the series. Are you too young for that reference? You probably are. Just search for it in YouTube and smoke your vape pens on the bus.

156: Fear The Walking Dead - 414 - MM 54

Lou Diamond Phillips directed this episode which is strange and he did just fine. We finally get backstory on Voodoo Michonne which felt familiar to the last episode with Clayton but whatever. These characters aren’t as ruthless as I am because if I had to drag another human around on a horse-plow down the road…. he’s gotta go.

155: Fear The Walking Dead - 413 - Blackjack

Zombie alligators are a new threat. Lucy tries to find a purpose as a character on the show so she goes on a video game side mission to get a beer for someone. No joke. When will they finally confront Voodoo Michonne?

154: Fear The Walking Dead - 412 - Weak

Cliche episode checklist: sick character that can’t do anything to save something important to them that shouldn’t be that important. Check mark. Our main cast is all but gone from the show now because we only see Morgan, Al and Naomi, all characters we met this year. It’s a strange time for sure.

153: Fear The Walking Dead - 411 - The Code

I clearly stated that I hope Morgan stays with the main group so we didn’t have to have a Morgan solo adventure episode. Well, we don’t always get what we want. Enjoy this sloppy all over the map episode featuring even more new characters we know won’t be around for long.

152: Fear The Walking Dead - 410 - Close Your Eyes

Alicia finally gets her own bottle episode and it isn’t shitty. She mends old wounds and still comes out the other side as nihilistic as ever. This sounds like I’m mad about it but that’s the reason I like this show so much. Not every lesson has to completely change your worldview. Sometimes life still sucks after you learn something about yourself.

151: Fear The Walking Dead - 409 - People Like Us

Morgan not only tries to derail the way the characters act in the show but now he’s trying to force them to go to Virginia to join the TWD cast. He’s like the devil using these people to do his bidding. He is a sinister force that must be stopped. Luckily everyone tells them no because they are already horribly corrupted.

150: Fear The Walking Dead - 408 - No One's Gone

Our main cast has become the aggressors in this strange twist and I’m perfectly alright with that. Lots of interviews and betrayal should make for a boring episode but it works. The stadium is gross now. So dirty. Eww.

148: Fear The Walking Dead - 406 - Just In Case

Watch in excitement as our characters look for things in places we don’t recognize. We all know where this Vulture thing is going and I’m staring to get antsy. Just do it already. I’ll prepare myself for a drawn out resolution…just in case.

147: Fear The Walking Dead - 405 - Laura

More flashbacks! This season of FTWD is starting to feel like the last season of Lost. Only much better. Anyway, watch as a woman and a man mumble lines of dialogue at each other for 45 minutes which ultimately results in something we already know happened. John used to know Laura/Naomi. We knew that.