146: Fear The Walking Dead - 404 - Buried

You’ll get flashback whiplash from this episode which I predicted would happen. We get a strange resolution in this episode which is essentially “I wish we didn’t try to save everyone and we just looked out for ourselves.” Interesting.

144: Fear The Walking Dead - 402 - Another Day In The Diamond

Let’s switch from a water facility next to a dam and head over to a converted baseball stadium. Plus, characters I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to know who they were or not. Plus Jenna Elfman joins the cast covered in oil or shit or something. Our cast meets their new villains: some young dudes who are apparently super threatening because we are told they should be.

143: Fear The Walking Dead - 401 - What's Your Story?

Well now that this episode has been out for over a year… let’s get it over with. I watched this when it came out then sat on my notes for 13 months because Morgan is on the show now. Why did AMC hate us all? What did we do to deserve this? Either way, this episode feels like a 3rd Walking Dead show featuring a completely new cast (plus Morgan).

142: The Walking Dead - 916 - The Storm

Another season in the bag and another episode wallowing in misery. I didn’t realize “the storm” was going to be so literal. In this season wrap-up episode our characters decide to wait until winter is in full effect to travel across a zombie filled dangerous landscape for some reason. Poor choices are made.

141: The Walking Dead - 915 - The Calm Before

If you haven’t seen this episode then stop reading now. We finally find out who Alpha kills in epic fashion. Real dick move to keep them alive as zombies instead of killing them all the way. Who will be the victims? Did any of my guesses turn out right? Listen to find out. The answer is no. Shit, now you have no incentive. Listen anyway.

140: The Walking Dead - 914 - Scars

We finally get the flashback episode and for once it isn’t a severe shit-show. Plus we get to see Michonne vs. a dozen children. Hilarious and action packed. You will want to watch this scene again and again.

139: The Walking Dead - 913 - Chokepoint

Season 8 of TWD was a chokepoint for fans. Those that somehow made it through the battle were surprised to see the quality of season 9. Welcome. The fair is finally starting at Kingdom and Daryl finally does something badass!

138: The Walking Dead - 912 - Guardians

Negan and Michonne talk and it’s interesting. That sounds insane but it’s important. I also talk about how great the child actor that plays Judith is and I hope they keep her around next season instead of replacing her. I’ll buy that she’s the same age if you tell me to pretend she is.

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137: The Walking Dead - 911 - Bounty

This episode doesn't cover much but not a complete waste of time like previous season's boring episodes. We see a prisoner exchange that Henry can't do math on it because of horomones. Plus, I mostly talk about how most animals try to protect their young. Right?

136: The Walking Dead - 910 - Omega

Ready for your emotional and physical childhood abuse episode you've been waiting for? No? It's just me? Well, it's here anyway so enjoy it. You actually relate to Daryl in this one so strap in/on.

135: The Walking Dead - 909 - Adaptation

Welcome back from the months long break between half-seasons or as I know it: 20 minutes. The entire season has aired and here I am catching up way after the fact. To be fair, I warned you this would happen. I thought I was done with the show but the Whisperers brought me back.

133: The Walking Dead - 907 - Stradivarius

Maggie ghosts the show to continue searching for a boy in a wall or something. Then it's mostly looking for musical instruments and dogs almost dying. FUN! I mostly spend the show discussing how the victory of a long life and dying of old age in this world still ends in you becoming a zombie. Bummer.

132: The Walking Dead - 906 - Who Are You Now?

This positivity will be the end of me. Prepare for another time jump and more quality character development that I’ve been asking for. They also hint at a possible backstory that they don't want to tell us yet and that proves the writers actually thought about the season ahead of time. I honestly… Haven’t been this impressed with a Walking Dead season in years. Honestly. I… feel like I need to say something terrible here to get back to normal but instead I’ll just tell you to listen to Local H instead.

131: The Walking Dead - 905 - What Comes After

Welcome to The Walking Dead early seasons memory tour! Watch as Rick stumbles between memorable characters from show's past. And Sasha. Sasha was also there. Characters we want to like actually emote and therefor we care about them. Imageine that... Imagine that...

130: The Walking Dead - 904 - The Obliged

It is a weird feeling to be positive about The Walking Dead for more than just a well executed scene. We actually get to watch our characters speak to each other and have inner conflict. Daryl speaks words. I care about the characters. They did it!

129: The Walking Dead - 903 - Warning Signs

I am enjoying this inner turmoil in a way I haven't enjoyed this series in quite a long time. I prefer paranoia over war any day of the week when it comes to television intrigue. Keep it up and you might keep me as a viewer.... Might. I've been down this abusive boyfriend road before though.

128: The Walking Dead - 902 - The Bridge

I know I'm often negative so let me just say: thank you for this episode. It was nice to sit with these characters and actually give a shit about their lives for a bit. I know it will turn into outside forces invading their way of life soon so I'll just continue to enjoy the inner workings of their terrible lives while I can.

127: The Walking Deceased (2015)

Quick synopsis of The Walking Deceased while I was waiting for Frank to get ready to record LIW The Twilight Zone Review. Pardon the Skype call in the middle of it because of the previous sentence. This movie was a real confusing roller coaster and I barely explain it because I'm saving that wad for B-Movie Battle which will air July 1st. You can find that video show on the youtube link below.