The Incredible Negative Man! 68 - "The Incredible Negative Man! Returns!"

The title of the show has officially changed...again... Sorry about that. This title is just so much better and fitting with Phoenix's personality. In this, he talks about the title change, upcoming LIW projects including a new scripted sci-fi podcast and books, going to 98 KUPD's Battle Of The Bands and seeing a member of Goth Brooks applying make-up in the bathroom of Copper Blues, going to a man's house for an obscene amount of Christmas lights, the differences between serial killers and murderes and finally how weird Carrie Fisher's death must be for all the nerds that masturbated to her as teenagers. Phoenix then reveals weird feelings from childhood about being attracted to Natalie Portman in Leon: The Professional and then watching the movie as an adult. It gets weird. But not illegal because it's all a bit. Seriously.

Check out that Goth Brooks song played on the show here: Let them know we sent you!