Things That Will Burn In Hell - 36 - Frat Comedy

If you want to see tits then just watch porn. Stop pretending you want to see a comedy. I've never once laughed at a tit. I've never once masturbated to jokes. They do not mix. Stop pretending they do.

Loitering In Wonderland - 73 - Face/Off (1997)

This review is too long for you. Just go ahead and turn away now. If you're into Nic Cage or this amazing and severly flawed movie then welcome. Wait, I already told you to leave. Fuck. Wrong order. Anyway, this is the first official video episode of Loitering In Wonderland Movie Review. Face/Off was the first podcast for LIW back in 2013 and then Phoenix got a dog and named him Pollux Troy. Well, he just had to put the dog down so he thought the first video episode should be Face/Off as well. So he's back for a second swing at this insane plot that completely makes sense. It. Just. Does. Search LIW Movie Review on itunes to hear the first 72 episodes. The companion piece of this review is under Shitty Movie Showdown! episode 26.

Things That Will Burn In Hell - 35 - Yo Momma

If you were on That 70's Show, you are not allowed to make television shows anymore. Stop it. Unless you're Donna as a side character on OITNB. That's allowed. Other than that, stop it.

Shitty Movie Showdown! 26 - Nic Cage Cast 12 - Face/Off (1997)

This review is too long for you. Don't bother. I'm aware. And this is only part 1. Part 2 is under Loitering In Wonderland Movie Review episode 73. If you can watch 2 45 minute reviews on Face/Off then welcome. Pull up a chair and help me figure this movie out. Not sure what the hell happened when I was forced into watching the Nic Cage classic Face/Off from 1997. I started watching it in March and then the next thing I knew I was back and it was June. Watch the footage and help me piece it together.

Things That Will Burn In Hell - 33 - The Real World

LIW Studios does not agree with calling women 'sluts'. The use of the word is only directed at the dirty sluts that appear on The Real World. Which is neither real nor exists in the real world. You are being lied to. But if you're watching this shitty show then you're too stupid to realize or care about that fact. Enjoy your slutty show full of shallow, vain people!

Things That Will Burn In Hell - 32 - Next

Everyone climb aboard the STD bus! Next was a shitty "game show" on MTV or something. It featured shallow people judging other shallow people in an attempt to find love. Love meaning a 40 second hump in the bus bathroom. NEXT!

The Podcasts Podcast - 24 - Farming Podcasts

We planted the seeds of boredom and they grew into 3 podcasts about farming. If you played these podcasts to your plants they would die. Plus, Phoenix shares a theory that the old lady in one of the shows has a corpse garden. Frank tells a series of strange stories. One of them involves his grandmother getting sass from a squirrel. Just like all of Frank's stories, is it true? We may never know.

Farm Small Farm Smart 137 - Online Sales Of Establishing Yourself As A New Farmer with Mark Chapman 4.17.18

The Farming Podcast 126 - Raising Chickens With Kunal Sampat 4.29.18

The Urban Farm Podcast 347 - Theresa Rooney On Human Critter Control 4.28.18

LIW The Twilight Zone Review - 91 - One More Pallbearer (TZ 317)

Cut the last 2 minutes and this episode is amazing. For once the twist endings got in the way of our enjoyment. Either way, witness the most pathetic person ever scream out the most pathetic dialogue ever. Witness two podcasters do the same. Or something. Whatever makes the joke work.

LIW The Twilight Zone Review - 90 - Nightmare As A Child Redux (TZ 129)

Another redux episode. Somehow Frank doesn't love this one as much as he does the one where the guy lays on a couch and goddamn dies. Is this the creepiest episode of The Twilight Zone ever? The guy admits to having a crush on a 10-11 year old when he's easily 25 years older than the girl. He also still carries around a photograph of the girl from that age. He then has the balls to show the grown up the photo of her a a child. So yeah, it's pretty creepy.

Things That Will Burn In Hell - 31 - Trick My Truck

Remember that show where they threw Pimp My Ride at the Jeff Foxworthy crowd? C'mon, you remember! The show where they pretended to steal big rigs from trucks to fix them up and then the trucker would show back up with his trucking lap mic and transmitter! It. Just. Made. Sense.

The Podcasts Podcast - 23 - Podcast Homework For Episode 24

Frank was pissy about Phoenix forcing him to listen to medical podcasts so he decided to strike back with a fatal blow. Phoenix is going to sow the seeds of hatred, water them with his tears, give them the sunlight of a thousand suns of anger and eat the ire fruits. Have you picked up on the hint that next weeks episode is Farming Podcasts? You should have. It was pretty obvious.

Farm Small Farm Smart 137 - Online Sales Of Establishing Yourself As A New Farmer with Mark Chapman 4.17.18

The Farming Podcast 126 - Raising Chickens With Kunal Sampat 4.29.18

The Urban Farm Podcast 347 - Theresa Rooney On Human Critter Control 4.28.18

Things That Will Burn In Hell - 30 - Overdose Of Shampoo

It's a serious problem that effects half of the population. Well... the men that aren't bald that use shampoo. It's a goddamn problem and we need to hold the shampoo companies responsible. We will have our revenge! We must band together! Once we wake up on the tile floor we will merge and unite as one!

LIW The Twilight Zone Review - 89 - Nothing In The Dark (TZ 316)

Rod ruins this episode several times before the reveal even happens so why bother watching this, right? Actually it's a sweet episode with a nice little lesson in it. It's not terribly exciting but if you're a fan of antiques then this is your goddamn episode. Fan of hoarding? Your episode. Fan of murdering old ladies? Please stop listening to our show and go turn yourself in.

The Podcasts Podcast - 22 - Medical Podcasts

We're back after a 2 week break because Phoenix broke his spine or something. Luckily he will be healed via the power of these medical podcasts. God help us.

The Premed Years Don't Talk About How You Know What Being a Doctor is Like 1.31.18

Specialty Stories 56: How Hard is the Neurosurgery Match? A Look at the Data. 1.3.18

Christian Doctor's Digest How To Present Gospel To Intelligent Unbelievers 12.12.17

Things That Will Burn In Hell - 29 - Magic Tricks

The greatest trick a magician can pull is paying their bills. As well as others. Fuck magic. If you're so good at magic, here's a trick for you. Kill yourself. But make it look like a murder framing someone super famous. If you can pull it off we will consider you an artist. If you fail we are all still better off. It's win-win.

LIW The Twilight Zone Review - 87 - Five Characters In Search Of An Exit (TZ 314)

If you've ever wanted a Toy Story / Saw crossover then you're in luck. These toys have souls and are tortured by that fact. The toy gods over at Mattel have some explaining to do. Oh shit, they sponsored this episode. Those toy gods over at Mattel have some great products. If you buy your child a homelessman action figure then you hate your goddamn kids. At least give them to the orphans. As if they don't have enough problems.

LIW The Twilight Zone Review - 86 - Once Upon A Time (TZ 313)

All the best stories revolve around elderly janitors. It isn't depressing as shit or anything. Phoenix and Frank start off talking about having to masturbate to VHS porn before the internet was around. It's a rough life, folks. Oh yeah, we also discuss this episode of The Twilight Zone.

Things That Will Burn In Hell - 28 - Renaissance Festivals

To be fair, there are a lot of super attractive women attending these things. But it would be like if they put a 20 minute, hardcore, gay sex scene in the middle of Toy Story. Sure, it's still a great movie but afterward all you can really think about is that gay sex scene and why it was there to begin with. Is she broken? All indications point to yes. Anyway, avoid renaissance festivals because of all the hardcore gay sex or something. I don't know. The analogies are too mixed up now.