The Walking Dead - 814 - Still Gotta Mean Something

Feel free to kill Morgan off instead of shipping him off to your other series. Nobody would be sad about his gruesome demise. Feels like we're getting a collection of characters that the show doesn't quite know what to do with. It's like a game of gin rummy with no battle plan for victory. This was a good episode though. Rick kills people to service his eventual turn at the end of the season. That is the only reason he does it.

The Walking Dead - 813 - Do Not Lead Us Astray

The battle of the audience's patience begins! Watch as Simon's battle tactic of staying quiet is quickly ruined by his own loud whistling. Maggie mumbles out dialogue. Tara is a human emotion mirror. Good episode though. Except for Morgan. Phoenix also coins the term "zorgy" in this one. Yes, it does stand for zombie orgy. Yes, it is as sexy as it sounds.

The Walking Dead - 812 - The Key

I AM SIMON!!! "Greg, The viewers are staring to complain that they haven't seen Rick and Negan fighting face-to-face enough. I know the script is already written for this upcoming episode but can you find a way to shoehorn a scene with them fighting? We don't care how sloppy and stupid it looks. Oh, and can we get some zany, van driving lesbians thrown in for no reason? We have a bet here at the corporate office that we can throw literally anything into The Walking Dead and people will still watch it. - AMC Executives"

The Podcasts Podcast - Podcast Filler For Your Podcast Needs

We're taking a break this week but wanted to deliver you something you haven't heard before. This is the audio from two episodes of Things That Will Burn In Hell which is another LIW Studios show. Now, it's a video show but the audio will suffice. It's basically me reading from my book and then doing improv afterward. Things That Will Burn In Hell with Phoenix West is available on itunes or wherever you get your podcasts plus if you want to see the video versions go subscribe here:

The Walking Dead - 811 - Dead Or Alive Or

This review started off normal before it became a rage-filled rant against AMC. I seriously didn't expect it to be that way but once I started discussing a scene in this WD episode it made me realize how shitty AMC is handling this show. AMC, fuck yourselves.

The Walking Dead - 810 - The Lost And The Plunderers

I forgot this show existed. Seriously. Nobody talks about The Walking Dead anymore. AMC has earned that reaction. Today's episode is about... people being dicks to each other just like every other episode. Aaron hides behind a tree and we leave him there. Rick yells at Negan like an angry teenage boy finally telling off his father. Simon steals the show yet again.

LIW The Twilight Zone Review - 103 - The Simi Valley Acorn Is Still Written In The Twilight Zone

Time to visit this podcasts favorite newspaper: The Simi Valley Acorn which is still being written and distributed inside The Twilight Zone. This place must be a magical mess. Today Phoenix tackles a creepy photographer, an article about people staring at chalk, an officer that cheated on his timecard and then discusses the best pro sport there is: pickleballing. What is pickleballing? You'll have to listen to find out. Spoiler: we don't find out.

LIW The Twilight Zone Review - 102 - Little Girl Lost (TZ 326)

Kids are always falling out of bed, rolling under the bed and then doing rolls into the wall into the fourth dimension. Phoenix and Frank discuss the drunken wreck that is the wife and the abusive prick that is the dad. Plus, we all need a friend like Bill.

The Podcasts Podcast - 29 - Podcast Homework For Episode 30

Creepypasta is still not pasta nor creepy but we discuss the impact the podcasts had on the last week of our lives. Frank then tries to convince Phoenix to listen to more creepypasta shows on YouTube. It doesn't go well. Perhaps he will train and build up his convincing skills to convince him further. Where could one go to train and build up muscles....

Tristar Gym Podcast Follow Up Training Intensity And Much More - AMA 22 - Coach Zahabi 6.24.18 (49 minutes)

The Gym Closet TGC 041 - Why You’re Fat Talk 6.27.18 (25 minutes)

Garage Gym Athlete S4E3: Sean McCool on Red Light Therapy, two gyms, and knowing the why 7.2.18 (30 minutes)

LIW The Twilight Zone Review - 100 - The Fugitive (TZ 325)

NAMBLA endorses this episode of The Twilight Zone. Watch this episode and then scrub yourself afterward because you will feel sick. Just listen to this episode and count how many times the word 'pedophile' comes up.

The Podcasts Podcast - 28 - Creepypasta Podcasts

This episode might have the biggest disagreement between Phoenix and Frank on the ordering of the podcasts from worst to best. Phoenix hated these episodes so much that he made his own creepy pasta podcast and dubbed it "Spooky Spooky Pastacast." Go check that out as soon as it's available on itunes or wherever. You can also find it on the LIW Improv Theater feed if you don't want to subscribe to a whole extra show. They will feature spooky scary disturbing stories improvised by Phoenix. They will also be very stupid. Speaking of very stupid, listen to the same podcasts we did with the links at the bottom.

MrCreepyPasta Storytime Laurie by Stephen King 5.28.18

The Scarecast - Scary Stories & Creepypasta 57 - 3 TRUE Gas Station Horror Stories (Feat. Unit #522) 12.3.16

Spooky Boo’s Scary Story Time Scary Ghost Stories - Dear In The Headlights 6.22.18

LIW Improv Theater - 53 - Spooky Spooky Pastacast - 1 - The Poo-Ghost Part 1

Taken from a bit for The Podcasts Podcast in which we reviewed Creepypasta podcasts. I found them so terrible that I just had to make my own. I should also note that one of the stories involved a man covered in shit so that explains the feces-centric storyline. I will also make this available as a podcast on iTunes called Spooky Spooky Pastacast in which I make fun of Creepypasta stories so that people that are super into Creepypasta accidentially listen to them. The internet is fun.

LIW The Twilight Zone Review - 99 - To Serve Man (TZ 324)

Considered one of the best TZ episodes for some reason. It's a good episode with a ton of flaws. Mainly being if your overall goal is to come to earth to trick people into willingly coming back to your home planet so that you can eat them there... why the holy fuck bring the goddamn cook book to earth at all? You especially wouldn't just leave it behind after a meeting for the people to find and possibly translate. These are supposed to be superior creatures.