Loitering In Wonderland - Episode 27: Pony Trouble (Brent) (2005)

Recorded: 6.3.14

Aired: 6.13.14

Episode features: Phoenix West, Joe Ramirez, Brent Puccio and Ryan Davies.

Episode will be available 6.13.14. LIW is released every Friday until Xenu picks us up and takes us back home.

We all picked a random shitty movie out on our own. We aren't showing the movie to the group until the movie is chosen at random. First up was Brent and his movie was Pony Trouble. This was by far the single worst movie any of us have ever seen. There is literally NO storyline or purpose for this movie. This is saying a lot considering that Phoenix used to intern at Asylum Films. We discussed almost none of the movie and more focused on how it was possible to make this movie with nothing behind it. 

Episode Jones: Fuck His Head Jones.