UPDATE - Originally this was Midnight In Wonderland video episode. When that show merged with LIW it became LIW episode 54.

Midnight In Wonderland - Episode 6: Puppet Master 6: Curse Of The Puppet Master (1998)

Recorded: 8.16.14

Aired: 8.22.14

Episode features: Phoenix West and Richard Pires.

In this installment, we watched the 6th Puppet Master movie and had a hard time keeping our shit together. This was the most poorly made PM movie yet but it was more enjoyable than all the rest combined. This movie follows Tank, a child-like retard as he becomes a puppet maker, sex machine and eventually the puppet master. This movie was released in 1998 but it appears to have been 1992 pretending to be 1943. It was a confusing shitpile of a movie.