UPDATE - Originally this was Midnight In Wonderland video episode. When that show merged with LIW it became LIW episode 49.

Midnight In Wonderland - Episode 1: Puppetmaster (1989)

Recorded: 4.22.14

Aired: 4.23.14

Episode features: Phoenix West, Richard Pires and Brent Puccio.

We watched Puppetmaster and now we can predict the future of puppetry. It's a dead art, turns out. On this cross-over show (Richard from Midnight With Robert Shaw and Phoenix from Loitering In Wonderland) we go through the Puppetmaster movies one at a time. This is part 1 of 11 before we move on to greener pastures. Meaning another terrible series. Send your suggestions to loiteringinwonderland@gmail.com